• Winterize Blowout Adapter with 1/4" Male Quick Plug & 3/4"

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    Product description

    This portable adapter was designed to winterize water lines by blowing out of water from water lines to avoid damage due to freezing in cold winter, an easy and convenient way to reduce antifreeze application.
    Applicable for garden hose, under-ground sprinkler systems, city water lines, faucet, etc, could also be used for recreational vehicles winterization, such as RV/camper/boat/travel trailer which with an male garden hose thread water inlet.

    1/4" male air compressor quick plug to 3/4" garden hose inner thread.

    1. Connect the adapter's female side to water lines, insert the quick plug to air compressor' quick female coupler.
    2. Turn on the air compressor and regulate air pressure to 45-55psi according to manufacturer's suggestions. For safety, don't exceed 85 psi.
    3. Turn on the air outlet valve on the air compressor, rotate around ball valve's stem to open/close and modulate the air flow velocity to blow out the water from the water lines. All these can be operated by one person.
    4. After blowing out all water, turn off ball valve&air compressor and disconnect the air line, unscrew the adapter from water lines system.

    Please Notes:
    1. Always wear approved safety gloves and glasses when using this product.
    2. For garden hose winterizing suggested working pressure is 45-55psi.
    3. For vehicles winterizing suggested working pressure is 25-30psi.
    4. For long-time runs, please note to stop and let the air compressor cool off every few minutes.


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