• Premium 3-72V Backlight Digital LCD Auto Circuit Tester
    • 【WIDE TESTING RANGE & VOLTAGE POLARITY TESTING】This heavy-duty circuit tester has a wide testing range of 3-72V and is designed for checking various vehicle electrical circuits such as headlights, taillights, faulty sockets and fuses. It also works for other 3-72V DC wiring and circuits. The tester features bidirectional voltage testing mode which with two-color LED lights to indicate voltage polarity. Simply attach the alligator clamp to either ground or positive.
    • 【COMPUTER SAFE & BACKLIGHT DIGITAL DISPLAY PART】The tester has a clear LCD digital display with white backlighting that provides high-resolution readings to .1V with an accuracy of ±0.2V. The digital readouts are clear and visible both day and night. This test light draws much less current than an incandescent lamp, making it less likely to damage sensitive circuits board.
    • 【ANTI-LOST PROBE PROTECTIVE TIP & QUALITY MADE TESTER BODY】The sharp stainless steel probe pierces wires effortlessly and can reach tight areas. The integrated anti-lost protective rubber tip ensures that you won’t accidentally stab yourself or lose the tip. The tester body is made of premium acetate fiber for toughness and durability.
    • 【EXTENDED PU SPRING & LARGE ALLIGATOR CLIP】The 140-inch long PU spring wire offers flexibility and is lighter and more durable. It is heat-insulated and oil-resistant for daily use. The large alligator clip allows for easy one-handed operation and convenient use and storage.
    • 【100% Quality Guarantee】We stand behind our products 100% and offer quality support if you have any questions or concerns. This heavy-duty test light is a must-have tool for both business and household use. Click “Add to Cart” with confidence today – it will serve you faithfully for years.
  • Upgraded 3-72V Automotive Circuit Tester with Voltmeter
    • 【3-72 V Wide Testing Range】Compared with the Normal 48v/60v Test Light on the Market, this professional automotive circuit tester light has been upgraded to 3-72 DC voltage testing range, widely and ideal for checking various vehicles¡ electrical circuits, automotive headlights, taillights, turn signal circuits, faulty sockets, fuse connections, also for testing other 3-72v DC wirings and circuits.
    • 【Light Indication Bidirectional Voltage Testing】As a bidirectional volt tester, you can attach the alligator clamp either to negative ground or positive pole. There are two different light emitting diodes on the circuit board for polarity indication, red light indicates positive polarity and green light indicates negative polarity.
    • 【Computer Safe Accurate LCD Digital Reading&Illumination】LCD voltage display& LED Indication with .1V resolution ratio provides high accuracy accurate volt readouts. Clear&Visible Digital Readouts for Day and Night,Under Handle Light Could Light Up the Testing Area When doing Testing Job In the Dark.
    • 【Anti-lost Probe Protective Tip & Quality Made Tester Body】Sharp stainless steel probe for piercing wires effortlessly, also for hard-reaching tight areas, while along with an integrated design anti-lost protective rubber tip, make sure no stab and wound and won’t be lost whenever you go. Professional automotive circuit tester with premium acetate fiber body, allows for more toughness and durability.
    • 【Extended PU Spring & Large AllIgator Clip】High quality 140 inch long enough PU spring wire offers more flexibility, lighter and more durable than normal cable wires, heat-insulation and oil resistance for daily use. Attach with large size alligator clip for easy one hand operation, also for convenient use and storage.